Wisdom Teeth

Are Your Wisdom Teeth Causing Problems?

Your wisdom teeth are the four molars that appear when you’re in your teens or early twenties. Unfortunately, many of us have jaws that are too small to comfortably accommodate them. When there isn’t enough room for the teeth to grow in properly, wisdom teeth can become impacted, which can be painful, and create problems that affect the rest of your mouth.

Wisdom Checkup

We will do an exam and take a panoramic x-ray to see how your wisdom teeth are coming in, and determine if they are causing problems. We usually deal with wisdom teeth removal between the ages of 14 and 18, but it’s never too late to address them. Talk to us about your concerns.

Wisom Teeth Removal Done On-Site

At DS Dental, we can do the procedure right in our office, with all the necessary sedation options and recovery facilities.
If you need wisdom teeth services in Burlington, or orthodontic services in Burlington, DS Dental can help you. Through orthodontic services and potentially wisdom teeth removal, we’re sure we can come up with a solution to achieve a comfortable and beautiful smile.